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Practical change advice

Practical advice offers leaders new or additional insights to shape desired change. My expertise and experience are in the following various change issues:

1. Development.
What you’re currently doing as a company/department, you want to do even better.

2. Transition.
The old way of working is let go in favour of a new method.

3. Transformation.
An organisation/department undergoes a ‘change of appearance’. A shift takes place in the mindset and culture.

The advice is given with an eye for the culture and relationships and always from an ‘outside-in’ view.

The power of the offered advice is at the intersection of People and Change:

  • Restructuring departments and/or companies
  • Organisational designs
  • Takeovers and integrations
  • Culture changes
  • Sourcing issues

‘Handle the challenge of change well, and you can prosper greatly.
Handle it poorly, and you put yourself at risk’


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